Communis for Schools

Attendance Marksheets Notifications Contacts





Institution Data

Entry and Reports

Entry, Class/Subject Reports and Report Cards

Attendance, Marks, Events, Ad-hoc

Student, Parent and Teacher data management.

For Principals and School Admins


Easy Attendance Entry;
Attendance Reports;
Attendance Notifications to Parents.


Easy Marks Entry
Generate Class reports; Subject Reports
Student Report Cards
Send Grade Notifications and Report Cards to Parents.


Send Bulk SMS, Emails. Record Audio for Mass phone calls.

Send messages to parents with our easy to select filters based on classes.

Student Data

Up-to-date student data securely available anywhere at a moment's notice.

School Setup

School setup, including user-roles (Principal, School Admin, Teachers, Parents).

Parent Data Import

Import Parent data from legacy systems or Excel CSV files. Add/Update/Delete existing data.

Mobile App

To check school dashboard and student performance on the go.

Cloud System

No Installation;
No hardware;
Access via internet browser;
You receive all future updates at ZERO cost.


Compliance: ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3 and PCI DSS Level 1.
High Reliability - DDoS compliance datacenter to prevent service disruptions.


All communication and contacts are private to your School.
WE do not sell your data to partners. Your privacy and security is very important to us.

Training and Support

Communis is very easy to use, extremely reliable and we are sure you won’t need much of training or technical support.
But in case you do, we are just a phone call or an email away.
Additionally, we will run training sessions for all principals, school admins and teachers.

For Teachers

Enter Attendance

Log student attendance using our intuitive and simple attendance entry system in less than a minute!

Attendance Notifications

Send attendance reports to parents every week, every month, or at any other interval you would like to set.

Marking and Report Cards

Enter Marks in an easy to use interface, Generate Class Reports, Subject Reports and Student Report cards.

Grade Notifications

Student results can shared with parents immediately - as and when they are available - or based on a preset frequency - monthly, every term, annually.


Send assignments, assignment reminders and regular updates to parents with Emails, SMS, Phone calls at your fingertips.

Multiple Languages

Communis is available in several major Indian languages making this a very versatile software for all types of users in any part of the country.

Mobile App

Enter attendance and marks at anytime and from anywhere on your phone with Communis Mobile App.
Allows parents to see attendace, their child’s performance and receive notifications from the school.

Training and Support

Communis is very easy to use and extremely reliable! That said, we are just a phone call or an email away in case you need anything.

For Parents

Attendance Reports

See last day’s, last week’s, last month’s attendance at a glance.

Access your child's Attendance history through the online Parent Portal.

Attendance Notifications

Receive attendance reports in your email/app every week, every month and at the end of the year.

Student Report Cards

Access your child's Report cards through parent portal. Request duplicate copies online.

Grade Notifications

Receive your child's results as soon as they are made available by the school.

Multiple Languages

Communis is available in several major Indian languages making this a very versatile software for all types of users in any part of the country.

Mobile App

Allows you to see attendace, your child’s marks and receive notifications from the school.

About us

Communis was founded with the aim to simplify and enhance the school management experience. After conducting an independent research and surveying dozens of small to large educational institutions in India, we found that the Educational Technology (EdTech) market in India was sorely lacking good tools for School Management.
Our research found the following:

Ad-hoc solutions
Many schools are managing their establishment with a suite of solutions cobbled together to accomplish the myriad use cases for a school to function seamlessly. These tools included mobile apps, excel spreadsheets, bulk SMS providers and generous amounts of paper.
Proprietary Software
Many of the larger schools are using proprietary software developed by them by hiring team of software developers. This is an extremely expensive option for many of the smaller schools and there are less expensive ways to accomplish the same objectives. Moreover, such proprietary solutions are not a good fit for all schools since they are not modular - cannot use one module and not the other (either use the whole solution or nothing at all). This adds to adoption and training costs for smaller schools.
Free Solutions
Many schools were found to be very happy with the solutions they were using. But most of these schools were happy because these tools were available free of cost. Alas! There is no such thing as freelunch! To keep their software operational, such companies sell the school’s data (including student details, parent contacts and class activities) to third party partner networks. These third-parties then use this data to spam your students and parents!! Effectively, these companies are taking advantage of the trust you place on them.
Extremely low cost solutions
Many schools are quite happy using extremely low cost solutions to engage with parents and keep them informed - Bulk SMS providers. Although they feel that is a great alternative, there are a few issues with using such solutions.
A. Using bulk SMS providers involves directly handling of parent's contact details using excel spreadsheets. Usually, a single person in the school is familiar with this process creating a dependency on them.
B. More importantly, the main business model of such Bulk SMS providers is to absorb phone numbers and then request further information about these numbers from telephone companies. Telco companies provide further information to them for a given set of phone numbers which includes (but is not limited to) - Full name, date of birth, full postal address, email address and linked phone accounts! This information is then packaged by the Bulk SMS providers to sell to marketing companies which will spam your students and parents. This is unethical and hazardous to the privacy of individuals that trust your institution.
Old, difficult to use Software
Other schools have software that was created a decade or more ago and therefore suffers from poor usability practices and old technologies which are hard to maintain and prone to breakdowns. Such software has all the features a school many want and much more!! However, accomplishing anything in that software package is a painful endeavor for a new or existing user. Simple tasks take an inordinately long time to perform.
Gone out of Business
Finally, some of the schools were found to be stuck with software that is no longer maintained because either the software vendor no longer exists or the priorities of the vendor have changed and the school software is no longer core to their primary offerings.

Why Communis?

Considering all the above shortfalls of existing solutions, we decided of bring to market a cost-effective, modern system with all the necessary features and a world-class user experience. We have leveraged over 6 years of EdTech experience in the North American market to create Communis! Tens of thousands of schools in the US and Canada use our solutions to run their operations.

Communis for Schools is:

Extremely simple to use,

Has all the features you will need (and new features constantly being added),

Requires no setup on your end, and

Comes at a reasonable price.

We are deeply familiar with the pain-points of existing schools and know that we can make a positive difference in this area. Please feel free to reach out to us for a consultation or a demo at the email mentioned below.

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