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Marksheets and Grades

Enter Marks
Teachers have a simple interface to enter marks for tests/assessments/quizzes at anytime and from anywhere.
There is a single point of data entry for marks. Our system will calculate all the relevant reports for you.
Class Reports
Class reports help you see the performance of a class at a glance. See the student ranks, top scorers by subject, and identify failed students that need special attention - All done automatically for you! Generate PDF copies or print out the reports.
Subject Reports
See overall subject reports, results of summative and formative assessments. Perform normalization to calculated weighted results for the final exam. Generate PDF copies or print out the reports.

Capture Evaluative and Non-Evaluative assessment marks
Student Report Cards
Student report cards are created automatically based on the report card template of your choice.

Remarks - Teachers or Principals can enter special remarks either by typing, by choosing from a predefined list or simply leaving them blank to enter them in writing for a personal touch.

Printing - Print out Report cards in bulk if parents prefer paper copies.

Parent Requests - Can quickly handle Parent requests for duplicate Student Report Cards by electronically transmitting Student Report cards to them.

Parent Access - Can access Student Report cards through parent portal. Request duplicate copies online.
Grade Notifications
Student results can shared with parents immediately - as and when they are available - or based on a preset frequency - monthly, every term, annually or something else of your choice.


Enter Attendance
Using our intuitive and simple attendance entry system takes the hassle out of logging student attendance. Entering a class attendance takes a few seconds to a minute at the most.
Attendance Reports
See last day’s, last week’s, last month’s attendance at a glance. Perfect for principles to see how classes are doing.

Overtime, Communis will build up correlations between attendance and performance at the overall class level as well at the individual student level. Intelligent analytics make you schools easier to run, manage and improve.

Access Student Attendance history through the online Parent Portal.
Attendance Notifications
Send attendance reports to parents every week, every month, or at any other frequency you would like to set.

Principals receive school performance reports in their mail box at the end of every day and every week. Monthly and Term-wise reports can also be configured.


Send Bulk SMS
Sending SMS is not a rocket science. But guaranteed SMS delivery is quite difficult!

Many bulk SMS providers exist out there that send SMS messages with very high bounce rates. They also steal your contact data and sell it to third parties to make a profit.

By using Communis, you will ensure that your communication ALWAYS reaches your parents.

Your data is safe with us. We are not in the business of selling your data!

We are not in the business of spamming either. So you are in safe hands.
Send Emails
Communis is an all-in-one solution that also supports Emails to all your parents. You can provide attachments of any kind along with the emails. Send exam timetables, videos, school event pictures and much more to all or some of your parents and as many times as you like.
Mass Phone Calls
How do you send a personal message to hundreds or thousands of parents? Use the advanced calling features in Communis to send voice communication to your parents.

Alternatively, our advanced speech synthesis allows school admins to type (yes.. type) a phone call. The text is converted to audio and then sent to the recipients.
Target Audience
Communis enables you to send your communication to the right audience. Combine multiple filters to create accurate distribution lists without deal with raw phone numbers of email Ids.

Contacts, Data and Setup

Parent Data Import
Communis integrates with your student management system to import Parent data and lets you:
1. Add new parents and Edit/Delete existing Parents
2. Upload/Edit Parents in bulk
School Setup
Customer service is at the heart of our offerings! Communis provides onboarding support and will setup your School, its School Admin/s and your teachers. Highly secure School Admin accounts protect school data from unauthorized access. This means ZERO IT involvement for you. All accounts are protected using highly secure encryption too!
Student Attributes
With Communis, your student data will always be up-to-date.

Submit latest data to the ministry as and when requested with a couple of clicks.

Student data is sensitive data! The Communis secure store ensures your student data will not get into the wrong hands.
Security and Privacy
Security and Privacy is always at the top of our mind!

All data is stored in Indian datacenters with the following certifications:

ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3 and PCI DSS Level 1.
Our datacenters are DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service is know to have crippled the largest of software companies) attack resilient.This makes sure our system is always available - Especially when you need it the most.

Communis does not harvest customer data to sell it to 3rd parties.

All communication and contacts are private to your School.

Implementation, Training, Support and Add-ons

Cloud-based system
No installation required.

Communis is a cloud based system. This means a few things for you:
There is no hardware required from your end to run the system
All infrastructure support is handled by us
Users can access the system securely via their web-browser - Chrome, Safari, Firefox
You will receive all future updates and bug fixes to Communis at ZERO cost.
Training and Support
Communis is very easy to use, extremely reliable and we are sure you won’t need much of training or technical support. But in case you do, we are just a phone call or an email away. Additionally, we will run training sessions for all principals, school admins and teachers.
Multiple Languages
Communis is available in several major Indian languages making this a very versatile software for all types of users in any part of the country.
Mobile App
An easy to use mobile app enables teachers to enter attendance and marks from anywhere.

Allows Principals to see school and class performance at a glance using the dashboard.

Allows parents to see attendace, their child’s performance and receive notifications from the school.

Allows Admins to manage users and data right from the mobile app.
Supports CBSE, ICSE, State School Boards and IB Schools.

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